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Families & Diets Don’t Mix

Well, it was a rough weekend for Paleo eating… If your family is anything like mine, you will relate to the fact that family get togethers usually revolve around food. Lots of food of the comfort So, as you can imagine, getting together with my family over the weekend consisted of temptations like cheesy potatoes, corn mac, tortellini salad, and desserts consisting of peanut butter brownies, banana cream pie, apple pie, and whipped oreo mousse. I am pleased to say that I only gave in to the cheesy potatoes and a small bite or two of the brownie. Oh, and sangria… enough sangria to make the rest not matter all that much. We had a special occasion to toast, so how could I not partake?! Luckily, there were other options like bbq ribs and turkey to keep me somewhat true to plan. Needless to say, I haven’t weighed myself upon returning from my weekend of excess. I am pleased to say that I got back on track as of Sunday, and I’m still not craving any of the crap I used to feed myself (well, at least when it isn’t staring me in the face). I have learned that it would be to my advantage to actually bring some of my own snack options when visiting family to help avoid the inevitable temptations: LaCroix, mixed fruit, almonds, and a little coconut milk for my morning coffee. Problem solved.

On a more positive note, I’ve managed to go almost a month (this Thursday will be day 30) on a mostly Paleo plan, and I plan on keeping it up. As I’ve said before, I plan on moving more to an 80/20 lifestyle (80% paleo with a little room to “cheat”). I also plan on doing a better job incorporating activity into my routine. Although I have been trying to get in more workouts, I allow myself to come up with excuses way too often. This will be my new focus.


Food Quirks

As I’m adjusting to my new paleo eating style, I can’t help being aware of several other issues I have regarding food. My issues are related to more than a history of overindulgence. I have anger issues when it comes to food. The smell of food that I can’t stand makes my blood boil, and if I can hear someone eating or drinking, it really sends me off a ledge. These problems are irrational in nature, but that doesn’t make them any less real.

Let’s look at the smell factor first… If I can smell someone cooking anything that is unappetizing to me, I get tense. And believe me, this can be problematic in relationships. I’m aware that not everyone has a taste palette identical to mine, but somehow I feel that they should, or they should at least refrain from cooking/eating those foods which I find offensive. Then there’s the smell of someone’s breath after eating foods I abhor. Sorry, but if you eat onions, you better not breathe in my face, let alone try to kiss me. The smell of onions trumps any ounce of love I have for someone in that moment; however I have yet to be in a romantic relationship with someone else who doesn’t love them. Karma? Who knows.

photo-11But food smells aren’t the worst of my problems. The sounds are the most problematic. All of my life I’ve had problems with hearing other people eat or drink. The sound of chewing, crunching, slurping, gulping… I can barely type those words without having a reaction. It has been a problem since childhood (according to my mother, whom I used to condemn for her noises). It seems to have gotten worse as I’ve aged. I’ve managed to get through most of my adult life eating with others in a crowded restaurant or with a distraction in the background (music or tv). Quiet candlelight dinners are not an option with me. A couple of years ago, I found out that there is an actual disorder called misophonia, which describes my problem perfectly. It isn’t just me being super bitchy or irritable; it’s an actual neurological issue that sends me (and others, as it turns out) into a state of rage. But that doesn’t make it any easier for those around me.

So, it seems that many of the things that I either truly enjoy or truly loathe revolve around food. Definitely something for me to ponder as my eating habits change. These things also make me a more difficult person to be around. So, I guess I’m sorry for that.

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