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Paleo Progress

Hey there paleo pals! It’s been a busy couple of weeks, but I thought I would throw out a quick post about my progression. Things are going well (minus the occasional hiccup – usually related to popcorn, goat cheese, or giving into the temptation of something fried in a flour batter). 80/20 right?!

One thing I have been noticing lately is that many people claim to be experts when it comes to the perfect paleo diet, but everyone seems to have some exceptions to the meat, veggies, fruits, and nuts platform. I blogged about how some think it is perfectly acceptable to partake in a little alcohol (namely red wine and tequila), while others are vehemently opposed. Some are ok with natural sweeteners such as honey and syrup; others advise to stay away from all sweeteners in order to curb your cravings. Most say that coffee is ok, but some feel as though caffeine should be avoided in order for your body to work most effectively. Some stay away from nightshades (eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes…), while others make no note of nightshades at all.

Here’s what I think… There are going to be different levels of paleo, and there are nutritional benefits to any attempt to eat in a more clean way. Personally, I don’t think nightshades affect my system the way that wheat and dairy do. And I’m willing to deal with some of the setbacks that a glass of wine or my morning coffee may bring than to be miserable and grumpy. But that’s just me, and everybody is different. What I do know is that I no longer want to put chemical shit that I can’t pronounce inside of my body, so for me, it’s progress.

These are a couple of bloggers who lay out the pros and cons in a pretty decent way:


Virtual high five from a lighter version of me! 🙂

As far as my weight loss progress goes, I’m past my 10 lbs milestone, which feels great! And I bought a pair of jeans last week that were not in my “fat size”, so that definitely made me smile.

p.s. Happy PI Day!

p.s.s. don’t eat pie to celebrate (unless it has a paleo crust)!

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