Paleo Lunch (and a little popcorn)

OK, so I cheated… Everything has been going so well, but the other night I had a big time craving for popcorn. Not popcorn drizzled with lots of butter or caramel, just plain ol’ popped popcorn. So, rather than trying to trick myself into thinking that a handful of nuts would suffice, I gave in and had some damn popcorn. And I’m not kicking myself for it. I figure it could have been a lot worse, right? I didn’t give in to an ice cream sunday with all the toppings or a big bowl of pasta. I had about 2 cups of perfectly popped grain (popped in olive oil, of course). I’ve been reading more about how a lot of Paleo eaters adhere to an 80/20 rule most of the time, so if I abide by those guidelines, I didn’t cheat at all! The point is it didn’t guide me too far astray, and I’m still loving the change in my eating habits.

I can say that besides the popcorn incident, I have been having a good time coming up with new cooking/eating ideas. My Pinterest account has never seen as much usage as it has over the past two weeks! I’m also thrilled that it is inspiring others in my life. Friends are starting to send me recipes and share their primal stories with me. My little sister asked my advice on what she should bring for lunches. A few simple ideas I mentioned were: tuna & avocado, grilled chicken breast with frozen veggies, salads (stick with olive oil based dressings), and leftovers. When making a meal for dinner, I often think about making enough to bring to work the next day for lunch. Pretty simple! Also, when going out for lunch with a group, there are always ways to rearrange the menu items to comply with a Paleo lifestyle. A sandwich without the bun and veggies (instead of fries) can always be an option. A perfect restaurant choice for the Paleo dieter? Buffalo Wild Wings!

Dry rub wings + veggie sticks = perfect lunch



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I'm a free spirit, hippie chick at heart. I dig music and making a happier world. I'm learning to live healthy, and I like to share!

2 responses to “Paleo Lunch (and a little popcorn)”

  1. Stephanie Garrett says :

    Great job Stacy! Chad and I began the Paleo lifestyle about a year ago and I sadly cheat too. I am making the commitment to stop cheating start next week. Let me know if you need recipes or ideas, I have a few great websites for alternative recipes to items.


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